Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hello 2017

Hi folks.
     I just don't have enough time to do all the stuff I'm doing, but I'm too stubborn to quit. So! Here's a list of upcoming cars shows to go to. Hopefully I can attend some too, and see you there.

     Here's a burning limo, just because.

     For the many musicians and other folks I've met & handed out cards to I'm trying to do some new things music-wise. My original group Andy T & The Tangents is looking for gigs and you can hear some of the studio stuff here:

     I'm also looking for a rhythm section (bass, drums & maybe keys with vocals) to do a blues and jazz influenced trio or quartet doing standards that can work restaurants, bars, weddings and whatever. Heavy emphasis on different rhythms, styles, feels and dynamics with a focus on improvisation. If that's of interest reach out. I'm easy to find.

     Finally, I want to do a performance project with guitar, DJ, dancers & lights/video/projection.
This'll be more of a periodic event, not a bar band. I have no idea if it'll fly or make money, but it might be fun. Besides no one ever got rich doing other people's stuff.

     OK, I promise car stuff again soon, if you are looking to buy or sell a hot rod or cool car of any kind let me know. I might be interested and either way I can help spread the word. Peace!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Q2 @ #JaxHotRods

Hello again!

As I mentioned in my previous post, market conditions have kept me from pursuing the main goal of this blog but I repeat I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP! LOL

I have, however, been handing out business cards primarily because they are the only ones I have right now, so that has been driving some traffic here. Thus I must post some more pix & such of Jacksonville Hot Rods and the like. So here we go!

I live in Riverside, near lovely Memorial Park, right on the St John's River that has this cool sculpture

Someone's little summer place on the river

Cool Chevy wagon on the corner of King & Herschel st!

Some awesome graffiti from 5 points, down the street. I want to meet this Cent guy!

Italian gardens at the Cummer museum (pronounce kyew-mer you perverts)!

A yellow deuce coupe and it's Harley counterpart!

Here we have a kickass burguny Ford truck. Anyone know what it is?

Here we have a gorgeous blue 50's Packard with a cardboard cutout of Elvira in the back!

 Cent I said! Well there you have it, a new post for Jacksonville Hot Rods. Hopefully I'll be making it to more local car shows and such as the summer rolls on and there will be more updates! Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hello 2016!

Well, 2016 didn't start as I had planned. Due to various market pressures I need to raise some more capital before I can start building & flipping the stuff I want. In the meantime I continue to get inspiration from the cool cars I see here in Jax. I'll continue to post them along with other Jax related nonsense until I can get my act together and get this thing off the ground properly.

An amazing Green custom Chevy truck! Note the skewed badge of the left side of the grille:

Here we have a crazy red dune buggy:

A Yellow Maserati Gran Turismo:

 A totally crazy 50's Nash Metropolitan

A wonderfully restored VW bus. Someone saw it on my instagram and tagged the guy who owns it! He was super cool and it was an awesome indication of the niceness of people here.

 And lastly, this weird thing:

Until next time! 
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Saturday, December 5, 2015

A little pre-Christmas update

     We're a little short of activity right now since we aren't starting our build until after the New Year. Therefore let's add some pictures of some of the nifty rides we've seen around town here in Jax lately! 

We have this lovely hot rod:

Then there's this delightful Chevelle Wagon! Totally redone stock! Man I want one!

You're in the mood for some car slide shows you say?

Try this R&T article!  Road & Track 51 Coolest Cars

And here's another!    Esquire Magazine's hottest 100 cars

Slide shows can be a bit tedious, but those are chock full of great pix & info. Enjoy!

Now for some more local pix. Here's someone's old daily driver. Still sweet even with a little rust!

Then there was this dandy Harley down at Lola's on King & Park St!

For more car pix check out these great Car Instagrams: 

There's Hot Rod Dirty, Traditional Hot RodHot Rod Junkies and Hot Rods And Muscle Cars

Remember that, in addition to our own builds & sales I'll be posting other cool happenings in and around Jacksonville and beyond. Cars & Guitars, Beers & Blues, and all sorts of good stuff!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Car Shows in #Jax

     One of my goals here, besides building cool cars and documenting that, is to showcase & highlight all the cool car-related stuff that happens in Jacksonville. This past weekend there were 4 great car shows in one day! Big thanks to D.F. Buddy Harris, who hosts WWW.CARSHOWJAX.COM, for making all kinds of great information available. He also has a DJ business, A PRO DJ which I urge you to support. Here are some of the pics I took of some of my favorites from the various cruise-ins and shows over this past weekend. Please feel free to comment on your faves!

     Coming up this Saturday, Nov. 21 from 8-4, we have the 1st Christmas Spirit Festival Car, Truck, and Bike Show for just $15 at New World Pavilion Park5823 New World AvenueJacksonville, FL 32221 Call Jose “Flojo” Santiago for information (904) 413-2116 email –

If you want to see more such pics and other cool stuff check out our INSTAGRAM. I'll also be showcasing other cool instagram accounts for you to follow should you so desire.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The ‪Jacksonville Hot Rods‬ Ethos

     ‪#‎JaxHotRods‬ Jacksonville Hot Rods is all about all the very best of ‪#‎Jax‬! It's about making cool rides with fly paint and bitchin stereos. It's talking about, building, showing and selling fast ‪#‎cars‬‪#‎trucks‬‪#‎bikes‬‪#‎choppers‬‪#‎bobbers‬, rat rods, stock cars, custom cruisers and everything in between. It's about ‪#‎racing‬‪#‎bikinis‬‪#‎guitars‬‪#‎surfing‬, fresh ‪#‎tattoos‬, loud ‪#‎music‬, good ‪#‎beer‬, fine ‪#‎wine‬ and interesting ‪#‎art‬. We're gonna have #Podcasts. #DIY articles, interviews, photo essays, cool links to local people, places and things pertaining to all of the above! Follow along and join our adventures! 

     We'll be going to the car shows, taking pictures, rating cars, meeting the players, digging the bands, and generally getting down with the scene and sharing it with all of you! With any luck, sometime soon, we'll be making the jump to TV! Stay tuned!

     All pictures are taken by me but if for some reason you don't want your bike, car, or whatnot up here just let me down and I'll take it down or put up your contact info, whatever you want. We're all about collaboration and co-operation here! Cheers!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Welcome to Jacksonville Hot Rods!

Here you will find all sorts of information about the car culture of Jacksonville Florida and beyond. Local businesses, car shows, meetups, how-tos, DIY and other cool stuff as we go along.

Cool Rides!